PACC Free Online Counseling Guidelines:

Thank you for making an appointment with our counselors in PACC. We are pleased to assist you as much as we can through counseling services.

The process of counseling will need a few guidelines to make counseling compliant to existing laws and to help us conduct the counseling process effectively. Please be guided by the following:

  • You can avail of TWO one-hour online debriefing sessions.
  • PACC only offers psychosocial support through debriefing/counseling to meet your mental health concerns. We do not give any monetary help to any individual or group.
  • We provided an appointment booking where our counselor can contact you. But please indicate if you have other necessary arrangements. You may only contact your Counselor on the agreed-upon time and day of your schedule.
  • The cancellation of a scheduled session will be deducted from your two free meetings. For example, if you cancel one session, there will be one session left that you can still take advantage of. Please book them on this web platform.
  • In the event that you want to continue with further counseling sessions, you can discuss it with your assigned Counselor including the rates/fees and other arrangements.
  • To experience an emphatic virtual session, a strong internet connection and a quiet private place is recommended.
  • Video meetings or calls are preferred as it helps both you and the Counselor communicate not only verbally but non-verbally as well. However, we restrict recording of sessions in any manner, including screen-shots, by yourself or the counselee..
  • To post or stream any part of the session, such as names, transcriptions, audio recordings, images, or video recordings, even if censored or otherwise altered by any means, on any social media platform is strictly not allowed as this is a violation of the Data Privacy act of 2012. Therefore, all exchanges of information will be subject to this level of confidentiality.

You can go to this link for booking You will be notified of the Counselor assigned to you regarding the confirmation of the time and day of your first meeting.

Proceeding to the link for a scheduled session means agreeing to the above-stipulated guidelines. We hope and pray that all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.

From PACC Officers