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Welcome to the first issue of ACCANews, the official semi-annual newsletter of the Asia Christian Counselors Association! ACCA was established on 3 Mar 2018 with the national Christian Counseling Associations of India, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Malaysia as the Founding Members. The vision and mission of ACCA is to shape and promote Christian counseling to all the countries in Asia with an approach that interfaces psychology, theology, spirituality and missions, so that what we do is more authentic to God’s Word and contextualized to our local needs. Read more

Spotting the Sacred

Using Jesus as our model, we can explore the act of noticing as a means of spiritual growth. Jesus took time to notice His surroundings, and He often saw and then pointed out great spiritual truths in the common, everyday experiences of life. Find out more.

Understanding Inter-Personal Boundaries

Safe & Secure Attachment in the Classroom Setting

The seminar/ workshop helped participants to take a holistic approach to education; see emotional well-being and resilience as central to the development, learning and happiness of children; consider the impact of promoting secure relationships within a positive learning environment; and reflect on the value of an emotionally supportive classroom for students. Read More