How Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Christian Counseling in Asia?

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Dear Friends in Christian Counseling,

I am pleased to forward to you the ACCA Panel Discussion (90 minutes) on “How Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Christian Counseling in Asia?”

The Panelists are:

1) Dr. Simon Neo, a psychotherapist in private practice in Singapore and Bangkok and a Board Member of the Association of Christian Counselors of Singapore. Simon was infected with Covid-19 and hospitalized/quarantined for a  month and he is sharing with us his first-hand experience and reflections on how Christian counselors should be responding in such times.

2) Dr. David Nikles worked with Christian counselors in China for 12 years and now in the other Asian countries as the CEO of the Living Wholeness ministry. David is the Regional Coordinator of ACCA. He shares with us on how Christian counseling is developing in various Asian countries and how they are being impacted by the current crisis.

3) Dr. Yakup Susabda is the founder of the Indonesian Christian Counselors Association and founder of the M.Th. in Counseling program in the Reformed Theological Seminary in Indonesia. He is sharing with us on the theological and spiritual dimensions of Christian counseling in such a time as this.

4) Dr. Reupah Philips, a Counseling Psychologist with vast experience in online therapy, coaching, teaching and supervision in India and elsewhere. She is the Secretary of the Association of Christian Counselors India and a Board Member of ACCA. She shares with us on the best practices of online counseling in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In the open discussion, the Panelists were asked on their views concerning the following:

1) What is likely the best way forward for Asian Christian counselors in the foreseeable future?

2) What advise can we give to Asian Christian counselors concerning their self-care under the new normal conditions?

3) What suggestions can we offer to educational institutions offering courses in Christian counseling for Asians in view of the current developments?

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I hope that you will freely circulate this video (can be downloaded to handphone) to the body of Christ, especially to the pastors and church leaders.

Serving Christ together, 

Dr. Edmund Ng

President, Asia Christian Counseling Association