June 25, 2022 | Saturday | 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM

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Approved 3 CPD UNITS

Technology has practically penetrated every fiber of our society, particularly the lives of Digital Natives. The Digital Natives are those born during the period when digital technology and social media were already readily available to them and their parents. From the perspectives of psychology, neuroscience and sociology, this seminar aims to bridge the gap between the non-digital natives and the digital natives, by introducing and explaining to the former the complex world and identity of digital natives.

“As digital natives, GenZs build their identity around the virtual reality online. This webinar aims 1) to bring the participants to step into the internal and external world of GenZs 2) to understand the psychological dynamics behind addiction to social media and gaming 3) be aware of the benefits as well as the dangers inherent in the complex world online.

Speaker: Irish T. Lopez, JD, ED, RPM, RGC

  • Doctor of Education in Clinical Christian Counseling
  • Registered Guidance Counselor (6th Placer – Licensure Exam)
  • Counseling and Psychology Instructor

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