The Covid-19 pandemic which started from the beginning of 2020 brought drastic changes to every aspect of life on earth. Due to movement restrictions, the delivery of counseling services also changed overnight to almost exclusively online. ACCA’s initial response was to produce three short videos for distribution to the Asian public with simple tips on how to cope with the most common mental health issues arising from home confinement. The topics covered the management of fear and anxiety, reduction of domestic quarrels and the way to grieve healthily in the absence of physical communal support over the loss of a loved one. At the same time, ACCA actively encouraged all its existing member bodies in the eight Asian countries to be pro-active in reaching out to help the needy during this time of crisis. Soon, almost all the national Christian counseling associations initiated and promoted to the public free online counseling services manned by volunteer Christian counselors. Some of our member bodies also ran webinars to teach the community on coping skills while others trained lay counselors in churches to equip them on how to address various mental health issues. Still others offered podcasts and online Covid-19 resources in their websites, Facebook and Instagram. Read More