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By Zillah Herrera

Our world is going through a pandemic that has never happened in our lifetime. No one has ever prepared for this immense crisis of global magnitude. It started in Wuhan, China in December of 2019. We heard of it and many have probably believed it would not reach our country. But in just a matter of days, we heard how numbers of infected persons multiplied exponentially not only in China but in different parts of the world. Then deaths started building up every day.

In the Philippines, we initially heard of just 2 people infected with the virus. But days passed and 2 became 5 and became 13, and 18, and on and on. While our number is growing, the numbers of those in other countries are also growing. We hear of several deaths being added every day to our already overwhelming numbers.

Community quarantine was imposed all over Luzon. Everyone was strongly encouraged to stay home and avoid crowded areas. Washing of hands with soap and water and social distancing was the household lingo. For some students and employees, it was kind of an early summer vacation or forced vacation with pay respectively. Everyone was doing his own thing and living life like normal.

This went on for days. But the COVID 19 infections kept increasing. More infected persons. More deaths. More communities were added to those with infected persons. COVID 19 dominated the headlines of printed and online media. The Internet has only one theme, “COVID 19, CORONAVIRUS.”

A week later, Community Quarantine was elevated to Enhanced Community Quarantine where only one person can get out of the house for necessities. The possibility of getting the virus is high. Staying home has become a new household lingo. The number of infected persons is unstoppable, and so is the number of deaths. The fear of getting the virus is real. Fear of dying is real. Fear of losing a loved one is real. Fear of losing jobs or means of living is real. Paranoia is slowly creeping in without us realizing it.

This has become the new normal.

The common sighs are, “When will it end?”, “I want my life back”, “I don’t want to die yet”, “Is God punishing us?”, “What will happen to us?”, “Am I infected with the virus?” and on and on and on. So many questions that don’t seem to ever be answered. Can you relate? You are not alone.

PACC is one with you as you go through life’s most difficult moments. We believe everyone wants to be heard. And that is why our lines are open so you can talk with our trained counselors who will help you process these distressing thoughts and feelings.

Feel free to set appointments with us through our Facebook page – Philippine Association of Christian Counselors – PACC. We are utilizing social media and video communication apps to provide counseling & debriefing services and still observing safety protocols set by our government.

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Take care of yourself. And we are trusting God to come alongside us and protect us through these troubled times.