Safe & Secure Attachment in the Classroom Setting

July 14, 2018   |   Cross Point in Sta. Mesa, Manila

The seminar started with a dyad exercise on “What makes you feel SAFE?” Participants took turns presenting their drawings in front of other participants.

Dr. Moises Ardina Jr. expounded on the Attachment theory which provides the classroom with a framework for effective caring & teaching, which promotes an optimal environment for learning and emotional well-being.

The seminar/ workshop helped participants to take a holistic approach to education; see emotional well-being and resilience as central to the development, learning and happiness of children; consider the impact of promoting secure relationships within a positive learning environment; and reflect on the value of an emotionally supportive classroom for students.

In this seminar/workshop a brief overview of attachment theory and descriptions of the effects of the practice of attachment in classroom setting were presented. The importance of self-care of caregivers/ teachers for effective attachment were emphasized.

Finally, attitudes and skills necessary for student–teacher healthy interactions within an attachment perspective were discussed.